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From one bride to another…

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It has been a little bit over seven months after our wedding BUT I can still tell you exactly what happened from the night before till the wedding party ended. It truly is one of the happiest moments of my life – our families were there, friends flew to the Philippines for the first time to be part of it, the Boracay sunset as our back drop during ceremony; what more can a bride ask for (maybe James Reid coming out? Kidding!)?   I personally think it was a successful…read more

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Long layover in Taipei

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We had a very long layover in Taiwan before going home. With the time that we had, we could have gone to 2 to 3 places but with the traffic and all the arrangements that we had to do in the airport, we were able to go to only one place. And if there’s one place that I would love to go, it would most definitely be the Taipei 101 observation deck. At a speed of 37.7 mi/hr, Taipei 101’s elevator hold the Guinness World Record as the World’s Fastest…read more

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Osaka Castle

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Osaka Castle is a famous landmark, a popular sightseeing spot, and the symbol of Osaka. It was a beautiful short walk from the train station. I’m glad we went during fall when all the trees were beautifully colored to compliment the castle. But I’m sure it will still be beautiful all year round.