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Japan food adventures

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  And now, on to my favorite topic – FOOD! I can say without hesitation that Japan is one of my foodie heavens. The xx lbs that I gained during our trip around Asia can be attributed to Japan alone. But what can one do when everything is just so good!?   📍Fushimi Inari These foods alone can be seen on the street just outside the temple. We kid you not, but I don’t remember how much we spent trying out everything our stomach could hold. I can’t even honestly…read more

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Cambodia Eats

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  After a long day of visiting temples and ruins, there is nothing more rewarding than having good foods that hit the spot.   Are you feeling hungry yet? Same here.   During our whole stay in Siem Reap, we were escorted by the hotel’s driver who took us to the temples and other locations that we wished to go and see. We kind of hired him for the whole time that we were there just because we already trusted him and after all, he’s a hotel’s employee, I don’t…read more

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Coconut Ice Cream in Siem Reap

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It was THE BEST ice cream I had in Asia (so far)! It beats the tofu soft serve from Japan, on my list.  They scrape the coconut meat from the husk and leave it there, then put the scoops of coconut ice cream, then they put a little bit of condensed milk on top. Ohhh, so good! I had to eat two servings of it, or maybe three. I just remember we were on our way back to the hotel then stopped at another food stand as usual, and while…read more