It was THE BEST ice cream I had in Asia (so far)! It beats the tofu soft serve from Japan, on my list.  They scrape the coconut meat from the husk and leave it there, then put the scoops of coconut ice cream, then they put a little bit of condensed milk on top. Ohhh, so good! I had to eat two servings of it, or maybe three. I just remember we were on our way back to the hotel then stopped at another food stand as usual, and while waiting for our orders, I ran back to the ice cream stand and bought more ice cream. I just remember thinking to myself, I don’t care anymore because this might be my only chance to have this ice cream, maybe someday when I go back I wouldn’t find it again.  And sure enough, the next day of the festival, it was no longer there. I’d bet that they were sold out even for the next day that’s why they didn’t show up.