And now, on to my favorite topic – FOOD! I can say without hesitation that Japan is one of my foodie heavens. The xx lbs that I gained during our trip around Asia can be attributed to Japan alone. But what can one do when everything is just so good!?

📍Fushimi Inari

These foods alone can be seen on the street just outside the temple. We kid you not, but I don’t remember how much we spent trying out everything our stomach could hold. I can’t even honestly tell you the name of each one. I forgot! And some, I didn’t even bother to ask what they were. I just let my taste buds guide me.

Just look at how I devoured those chickens! LOL.


You can find okonomiyaki and takoyaki just in every corner of Dotonbori

📍Pablo Cheesecake

Pablo Cheesecakes are so good. It comes in variety of flavors and I can’t pick which is my favorite!

📍Uncle Rikuro’s Cheesecake

This cheesecake literally melts in your mouth! LITERALLY! And for that, we had to come back and eat it again. I just couldn’t get over how good their cheesecake was which made me so sad too ’cause I don’t know when I’m gonna have one again.

📍Osaka Castle

On our way to Osaka Castle, there’s a whole bunch of street side vendors. I personally liked the hotdogs, it came with a mustard different than what I’m used to ( and I don’t even like mustard), so I had to wipe it off so I can eat it, but overall it was good.

📍Ichiran Ramen // Shibuya

My ramen standard just went up another notch after having been able to eat at Ichiran Ramen. It’s just so cool that you can customize everything – from how savory your broth is to how firm you want your noodle. Sooo good!


Everything fried? Shinsekai got you covered!


We found a hidden gem while we were in Osaka. Since Ichiran Ramen was always so packed, we decided to find another hole in the wall ramen shop. I honestly have no idea what the name of the place was, but we passed by it on our way to our airbnb and we thought the pictures outside looked good. We took our chances and gave the place a try and the rest was history. It was legitimately like Ichiran Ramen! Except that it wasn’t as packed and it was probably cheaper too.

I know that with all the good authentic food that you can find around Japan, who else will succumb to an instant food? But don’t speak too soon. You really need to try the Onigiri that you can buy from convenient stores. They are equally as good that we bought a lot to eat at the airport on our way back.

the foodie place that you’ve been to?