I never believed in love at first sight until I met Luna. And I am not even being overdramatic when I say it’s true. 

My husband and I have been wanting to get a chow chow but we just didn’t know when since it’s so hard to find one in the area. I honestly just gave up on the idea because 1) sellers charge so much for them, 2) I can never find one that fits my standards. I wanted a cinnamon color, male pup, 3) sellers are always so far, most of them are in Texas, and I’m too chicken to do online transactions. So I told hubby that unless we either find one that’s not too expensive or the exact same puppy that we want, we’re not gonna get one.

But I don’t know what’s with hubby these past few weeks. He’s been going on about getting a pup, he would settle for a different breed even, just to get one. I instantly said no. There was even a time that I’d become evil and told him he can get whatever he wants but it’s not gonna get love from me. Lol. Meanie.

So yesterday, hubby told me he’s gonna get a chow chow from a seller close by. I didn’t like the idea. It’s a female brown chow and the guy won’t negotiate the price. I was mad. I wouldn’t talk to hubby even after he said he’s leaving to get the puppy. 

The whole time hubby was gone I kept thinking to myself I’m just gonna stay mad and not even pay attention to the puppy. So when he came home, I was in the garage doing household chores and I can’t be bothered. But when hubby brought Luna in the garage, I saw how cute and fluffy she is. I couldn’t help but pet her! Aaahhh! I gave in and smiled at her and carried her. I fell in love right there and then. 

It’s our second day with Luna and I’m loving every minute with her. She’s a friendly puppy that loves to cuddle even though I read chow chows aren’t usually like that. While I’m writing this, she’s playing with her cousin, Bambi, which is my sister’s 2-year old dog. I can’t promise my instagram wouldn’t be filled with Luna’s photos from now on. Lol.