I feel like we’re in an era where most of us are getting conscious with our health, myself included. I’ve been seeing different ways people have been trying to achieve that #fitnessgoals that they have. One of the recent trends that I’ve been seeing not just in social media, but where I work too, is meal prepping. I am no fitness guru nor nutrition junkie to tell what to put in what amount so I don’t really know how to do it. But I’ve been curious so I tried to make one for my fiancé. LOL. Okay, for the record, I am not curious if meal prep really helps with your diet. I was just curious how it feels like to actually do it. So please don’t judge my food preferences. ?

So, I put hard boiled eggs with seasonings (crossing my fingers that it will still be edible after putting a bunch of stuff. I honestly don’t know how it taste like), mixed fruits ( cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries), and PBJ (lmao. I know!).

It was definitely fun to make. However, all the preparation was time consuming. But I really had fun! I wish I have more time every weekend to prepare food for my fiancé or myself, I’d love to do it all the time.

I hope Johnrick doesn’t get tired eating the same thing every breakfast, though. ?