Namsan Seoul Tower is a famous landmark in Seoul. At 236m, it marks the highest point in the city. There’s a lot of viewing platforms where you can see the cityscape but the tower’s observatory is a favorite because it offers a 360 degree view.

There’s also a roof terrace which is a spacious wooden viewing deck whose ambience makes it very popular with lovers because of the Locks of Love.

Thousands of padlocks are attached to the fence by romantic Seoulites symbolizing their affection. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I did not put a padlock on purpose. I was just posing but I was actually holding someone else’s padlock. LOL. I did not do it because I promised myself that I have to come back to Seoul. I will.

Another N Seoul Tower attraction is the Haneul (sky) bathroom. You literally have a view of the city inside the cubicles. It was a little bit awkward knowing it’s open but then who can see you all the way from the tower’s restrooom, right?

view from one of the restroom’s cubicle