I am not really a wine person. I still haven’t developed the taste for it. But if you will invite me to go wine tasting, I will never turn you down. You’re wondering why? Well, it’s because the vineyards are always so beautiful and I like frolicking through the grape vines. If that doesn’t really convince you, okay, just think of the fun you’ll have spending the afternoon with friends!


Yesterday me and hubby got invited by a friend to a wine tasting in Brentwood. Hannah Nicole Vineyards & Winery is two hours drive from San Jose. I like that it’s not as crowded as Napa but offers the same natural beauty.


**Bangle: Sabai Metals

Romper: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Location: Hannah Nicole Vineyards and Winery // Brentwood, California


**Instagram: @cherrielynn

Photo taken by: @johnyricky